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Dionne Warwick




Feels So Good [2014 Bright Music Records / Hostess]
Only Trust Your Heart [2011 RED Distribution]
Why We Sing [2008 Rhino]
My Friends & Me [2006 Concord]
My Favorite Time of the Year [2004 Concord]
Dionne Sings Dionne, Vol. 2 [2000 River North]
Dionne Sings Dionne [1998 River North]
Aquarela do Brazil [1994 Arista]
Friends Can Be Lovers [1993 Arista]
Dionne Sings Cole Porter [1990 Arista]
Reservations for Two [1987 Arista]
Friends [1985 Arista]
Finder of Lost Loves [1985 Arista]
How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye [1983 Arista]
Heartbreaker [1982 Arista]
Friends in Love [1982 Arista]
No Night So Long [1980 Arista]
Dionne [1979 Arista]
Love at First Sight [1977 Warner Bros.]
Track of the Cat [1975 Warner Bros.]
Then Came You [1975 Warner Bros.]
Just Being Myself [1973 Warner Bros.]
Dionne [1972 Warner Bros.]
Very Dionne [1970 Scepter Records]
I'll Never Fall in Love Again [1970 Scepter Records]
Soulful [1969 Scepter Records]
Promises, Promises [1968 Scepter Records]
Dionne Warwick in Valley of the Dolls [1968 Scepter Records]
The Magic of Believing [1968 Scepter Records]
The Windows of the World [1967 Scepter Records]
On Stage and in the Movies [1967 Scepter Records]
Here Where There Is Love [1966 Scepter Records]
Here I Am [1965 Scepter Records]
The Sensitive Sound of Dionne Warwick [1965 Scepter Records]
Make Way for Dionne Warwick [1964 Scepter Records]
Anyone Who Had a Heart [1964 Scepter Records]
Presenting Dionne Warwick [1963 Scepter Records]


Hope Is Just Ahead ft. Dionne Warwick